Management and Supporting Staff

Executive Director

Executive Secretary

Climate Modeling

IT and Database Management

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    Dr. Agus Buono pudesha[at]
    Bachelor and Master of Statistics from the Department of Statistics - Bogor Agricultural University, and Masters and Doctorate in Computer Science from the Faculty of Computer Scie... read more

Climate Risk Specialist

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    Dr. Perdinan perdinan[at]
    Perdinan is a lecturer of Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, Bogor Agricultural University. He has a multidisciplinary background on agrometeorology (BS), natural resource e... read more

Training and Education

Daily Operation

Finance and Administration

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    Beti Nurbaeti nenk_baeti[at]
    Ms. Beti Nurbaeti was graduated from the Forest Resource Conservation and Ecotourism Department, Faculty of Forestry in 2006. Before joining CCROM SEAP as a research assistant, Ms.... read more

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    Fitriyani fyani.annie[at]
    Mrs. Fitriyani was graduated from meteorology and geophysics department, faculty of mathematics and natural sciences, Bogor Agricultural University. Fitriyani began her career work... read more

Research Assistant

Supporting staff