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    Akhmad Faqih PhD.

    Position : Climate Modeling

    Email : akhmadfaqih[at]gmail.com

Dr. Faqih started his professional career as a research assistant and teaching assistant at Climatology Laboratory of Bogor Agriculture University in 2003. Due to his excellent achievement, shortly after he finished the BSc and started working, he obtained a scholarship to straightly pursue his doctoral study without Master’s courses. He completed his PhD in 2010. In addition to the main job as a teaching staff at Department of Geophysics and Meteorology of Bogor Agriculture University, he currently is assigned as the head of climate modeling division of CCROM SEAP. He has been involved as a climate expert in a number of projects in Indonesia and Asia Pacific. His area of specialization includes statistical downscaling, climatological data validation and reconstruction, and climate modeling in a broader context.