About Us

Climate change has become a global issue with regard to its impact on many sectors of the economy. In this context, the use of climate information plays a vital role in minimizing the economic loss and maximizing economic benefit. In the other words, managing climate risk and opportunities will be crucial task today in order to avoid the immerse economic loss due to climate variability and climate change. Centre for Climate Risk and Oppoptunity Management in Southeast Asia Pasific (CCROM - SEAP), is a research center at Bogor Agriculture University with main focus for research area is to enhance the capability of society in Southeast Asia and Pacific to better understand the development impact of climate variability and climate change, also to manage risks and opportunities of those events to improve human welfare and environment. Working with government agencies, research agencies, donor agencies, NGO, and community, we bring expertise in climate risk assessment and management to increase adaptive capacity of community to current and future climate risk. Through the application of established and scientific methodologies as well as government and community best practice, we help our clients in different economic sectors to cope with current and future climate risks through improved climate science; to develop, explore, and evaluate climate risks management strategies; to strengthen development through the integration of climate risk management; and to capture and manage knowledge, train, and share information in support of managing climate related risks.


In recognition of the growing need to integrate an understanding of climate risks into development policy, IPB established the Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management in Southeast Asia and the Pacific (CCROM) in 2008. Its mission is to “enhance society’s capability to understand the impacts of climate variability and change and to manage climate risks and opportunities to improve human welfare and the environment.” With core expertise in climate, agriculture, forestry, health, remote sensing and social and economic analysis, CCROM works with government gencies, universities and NGOs across Indonesia and Southeast Asia to formulate tools and approaches to manage climate risks in multiple sectors.


Enhancing capability of society in Southeast Asia and Pacific regions for better understand the development impacts of climate variability and climate change, and managing climate risks and its opportunities for improving human welfare and environment.