The Carbon Institute International Advisory Report Published!


Contact Person : Gladys Siti Hatmanti

The Carbon Institute’s International Advisory Panel has issued the final report compiling the recommendations of our advisors for building world-class Terrestrial Carbon Accounting (TCA) certificate programs in China and Indonesia, with the first courses running in 2018. The advisory panel’s recommendations will also speak to the work of The Carbon Institute beyond China and Indonesia, and to all initiatives for university-based carbon accounting and technical climate change capacity building.

Read the full report, to learn about the details of our advisor’s recommendations for building successful TCA programs:

  • Recommendation 1: Engage government at multiple levels in course design
  • Recommendation 2: Broadening stakeholder involvement
  • Recommendation 3: Comprehensively address TCA competencies
  • Recommendation 4: Leverage existing materials and structures
  • Recommendation 5: Adapt to national priorities and the changing international context
  • Recommendation 6: Develop expert judgment by including principles and meta-guidance
  • Recommendation 7: Consider trainee motivations and professional development
  • Recommendation 8: Aim for international recognition and accreditation
  • Recommendation 9: Engage in curating data
  • Recommendation 10: Consider the role of verification
  • Recommendation 11: Plan for the future

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Published Date: 27-Oct-2017