Radio Talkshow Episode 1: "Introduction of The Institutional Strengthening on Integrated Water Resources Management of CRB in Responding to Climate Change"


Contact Person : Gladys Siti Hatmanti and Prima Yustitia

As a part of TA ADB 7189 Awareness Raising and Communication activities, the third talk shows conducted on 29 August 2013 presented the importance of strength institution and multi stakeholder dialogues in supporting climate change adaptation and mitigation activities. The resources persons invited to this talkshow were Mrs. DewiNurhayati (West Java Province for Environmental Management Agency), Mr. Munawir (Civil Society Organization working with Payment for Environmental Services), and Dr. Lala M Kolopaking (Institutional Development Specialist). The talk shows shared the experienced from each resource persons in strengthening institution for promoting better change in water resources management (includes: CRB, the role of community, the role of government, and the private sectors). The terms integrated water management should be understood well and transformed into a clear mechanism for concrete actions to undertake by multi stakeholders. Since the value and belief systems of the actors may be different, it should be clear what, who, when, and how the IWRM should be designed, implemented, and monitored, who get what for that is also important toward resilience CRB. Integrating climate change in development policy is a need to minimize the climate risks. As noted, there are a number of regulations regarding the CRB management, but the implementation is still difficult. Commitment, co-operation, and mutual understanding (supports) from multi actors and stakeholders are the keys for the betterment of the CRB.

Awareness Raising and Communication activity is a part of TA ADB 7189 Package E series of activities implemented by CCROM SEAP in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia (KLHK), Regional Environmental Agency of West Java Province (BPLHD Jawa Barat), as well as Districts/Cities local government in the area of Citarum river basin. The aim of awareness rising activity is to design and to implement awareness programme on the topics of IWRM to respond climate change in CRB using various media and approaches relevant to the needs of the multi stakeholders (government, community, business sectors); to increase knowledge and understanding of the target groups about climate change, the causes, impacts, and initiation to mitigate and adapt to climate change, in the context of IWRM-CRB; and to help transform behaviour of targetted group to be more sensitive to the issue of climate change and its effects to the water resources, and support the process of strengthening institutionin managing the resources.