Climate Village Initiative


Contact Person: Prima Yusitia dan Gladys Siti Hatmanti

CCROM SEAP IPB in close collaboration with the ADB, AECOM, The Ministry of Environment Indonesia and BPLHD Jawa Barat implemented Climate Village Initiative Training as a part of project activity of the ADB Awareness Raising and Communication in Citarum River Basin. The two days training conducted on 10-11 October 2013, located at the Hotel Puri Pangalengan, Bandung. The main objective of this training is to develop a simple instrument that can be used by educators as change agents, volunteers, informal leaders, and community leaders in support of the establishment of the village of climate change response, to increase the understanding and awareness of the importance of the Citarum river basin water resources management, as well as to provide an appreciation of community initiatives in activities that can contribute positively to the Citarum a more balanced and sustainable, including the community group that has developed a program or 3R activities, activities to increase household income through neighborhood-based businesses, to develop and strengthen community groups in managing Citarum

The 20 extension workers attended this training as representative from the 8 districts and city in Citarum river basin. The first day of the training started with introduction of climate village initiative program and its tools, discussion, sharing, and working Group on Proklim indicators that will be used in the pilot assessment to maintain community initiatives in Citarum river basin. While the second day of the training started with the field visit to Lamajang village, discussion and sharing about the field visit, as well as the sharing about the inputs for Proklim.

The main result of this training is to establish a simple instrument that can be used by the extension workers to be applied in their areas. Results from field visits also increase public knowledge about local knowledge is also part of the proklim that can be adapted by the community in the area.