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    Mirnawati Zulaikha

    Position : Research Assistant

    Email : mirnawatizulaikha.g2428[at]gmail.com

Ms. Mirna pursued the Bachelor Degree in Department of Geophysic and Meteorology, Bogor Agricultural University. Prior to her graduation, she was a junior assistant at Workshop and Instrumental Laboratory focusing on the research of meteorology instrument and weather data, being an assistant practice on Hydrometeorological (2012), as well as Instrumentation and Observation Methode (2013) lectures. Since December 2012 she works at Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management (CCROM) as Research Assistant until present. Currently, Mirna involves in several research projects such as Regional Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation in DKI Jakarta, Vulnerability Mapping for Bandung City, Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Citarum River Basin, etc. Mirna is also interested to explore research in vulnerability assessment and government policy in climate field.